Collecting Crystals

QueerTube will reward you in Crystals for various daily/weekly/monthly and onetime activities on and partnered websites. Collected Crystals can be used to support content creators (or any other user) you like.
[qt_table fixed=”yes”]
Activity Reward Limit
Welcome Bonus 5 Crystal One-time
Achievements 1 – 150 Crystals One-time
New Content Creator 250 Crystals One-time
Uploading New Featured Video 10 Crystals Unlimited
Daily Visit 1 Crystal Daily
Watching Video 0.5 Crystals 5/Day
Commenting Video 1 Crystal 3/Day
Adding Personal Status 1 Crystal 3/Day
Adding New Photo, Short Video or GIF 1 Crystal 3/Day
New Profile Avatar 2 Crystals Monthly
New Profile Cover 3 Crystals Monthly
New Friendship 5 Crystal 2/Day
New Activity Comment 0.5 Crystals 5/Day
Adding Post To Favourites 0.5 Crystals 3/Day
New Private Message -0.5 Crystal Unlimited
Buying Gifts Unlimited Unlimited
Creating New Group 10 Crystal Unlimited**
Joining Group 2.5 Crystals 3/Week
Adding New Group Post 0.2 Crystals 5/Daily
*If you upload at least 5 videos within 30 days of your application approval.
**The Group must be active and get at least 50 active members before the Crystals are awarded. [/qt_table]

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